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When you connect with the Earth Goddess-the Ah-ha moment

When you connect with the Earth Goddess-the Ah-ha moment

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a slight funk lately devoid of “ah ha moments”. I haven’t been depressed, thankfully, just lacking in creative zeal. Here in British Columbia, Spring, according to my partner, the Orchardist, and the other surrounding farmers is about 2 weeks early. The apricot blossoms have popped and we’ve had unseasonably warm weather practically all of March (apologies to Ontario and the rest of  eastern North America for even slightly complaining). What this means is playing catch-up with work and there is a lot of it. I’m not much of a pruner, (it’s an art and a science) but I’m one heck of a raker. Well, that’s not even true but I’ve been working at it and talk about feeling the burn-Whew! Usually, when I rake, I’m devising new ideas for blog posts, song lyrics or story ideas for my fictional book which is way overdue.

Yesterday, however, there was a heavy stillness in the air. It wasn’t cold but as I walked through the orchard it felt like I was swimming and gravity was pulling me down to the depths of the murky lake that I was trying to get through. My partner (who has a work ethic like I have never seen in my considerable amount of years) came in the house in the middle of the day and had to lay down. He’s a Cancer and is ruled by the moon so I’m not surprised but he was. He couldn’t understand why he was so “buggered” as he put it. There was also a palatable stillness in my mind. That’s supposed to be a good thing but as a Gemini, I enjoy the cheerful chatter that ruminates within me keeping me amused. I had none of that. When I came in I just wanted to find the next episode of “The Voice” and watch it while we ate our fish and pasta in silence. It wasn’t angry silence it was a tired muffled silence. You might say, you two are just exhausted, but there was something more.

The moon is blocking the sun today and it will affect our creativity, our excitement for living. The good news is, this too will pass. After 5pm in your timezone it will peak and tonight the new moon of the Spring Equinox will be in the sky free of the pull of the Sun’s fierce magnetic pull. Celebrate this release into Spring and the array of miracles that Spring provides with renewed creativity and a new zest for life!

Bubala and Biba at cherry blossom time

Bubala and Biba at cherry blossom time


Full Moon in Virgo

Among Stars

This Thursday March 5th will bring a full moon in Virgo. Full moons are beautiful and energetic times and are usually a time of endings and culmination. This full moon in Virgo will be an excellent time for analyzing the systems we have in place in our lives. When we think of Virgo we think health, admin, order, analyzing, and organizing. What systems do you have in place for your health, your work, your admin and how are those working for you? What changes do you need to make? A full or new moon in Virgo is always an excellent time for analyzing, decluttering, balancing your checkbooks, making to-do lists and organizing your life and as always full moons are excellent times for letting go of things that no longer serve you.

Happy full moon!

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Q. M. #2: The Reading: “Screw Your Courage to the sticking post!”

mystic maggie

Bubala says "Hunnnh?"Huhh???

Well now that I’ve got your attention with my favorite quote from Lady Macbeth I’m going to unveil a reading that I did for myself that could have easily been yours or just about anyone’s these days. The world is in a very precarious state and the media is having a field day of promoting fear, anger and outrage in this time of uncertainty. I’m not saying there is a lack of outrageous events and scary situations happening as I write this.

However the media has been feeding this fear for decades. Many of us are jaded to it or are self medicating of one sort or the other just to numb the pain and quell the fear. But in the face of some disturbing information we need to act with knowledge, determination and faith. Sometimes, our courage deserts us just when we need it most and we want…

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Q. M. #2: The Reading: “Screw Your Courage to the sticking post!”

Bubala says "Hunnnh?"Huhh???

Well now that I’ve got your attention with my favorite quote from Lady Macbeth I’m going to unveil a reading that I did for myself that could have easily been yours or just about anyone’s these days. The world is in a very precarious state and the media is having a field day of promoting fear, anger and outrage in this time of uncertainty.

I’m not saying there is a lack of outrageous events and scary situations happening as I write this. However the media has been feeding this fear for decades. Many of us are jaded to it or are self medicating of one sort or the other just to numb the pain and quell the fear. But in the face of some disturbing information we need to act with knowledge, determination and faith.

Sometimes, our courage deserts us just when we need it most and we want to go back into old habits like escapism and denial. But in order for evil to win good people just need to do nothing. And isn’t that nice, to let the evil and the greedy just walk all over us and we grimace and say, “Oh sorry, didn’t mean to get in your way”. Just like the joke about the Canada’s favorite board game, “Sorry”. (that was the joke, by the way)

In order for us to be powerful and make a positive difference, we want to make the most of our talents and our abilities so that we can stand up for what is right and ethical. We also want to be kind to others because that is one way that everyday we can make the world a better place. We don’t have to be rich and powerful, creating jobs and solving world hunger. You can make the world a better place just by smiling at a clerk or if you are the clerk, smiling at your customers and really wanting them to have a great day not just saying it because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Not so long ago I worked at a diner/ gas station. I cooked at the diner as well as served the food and when the bell rang, ran to the other side and pumped the gas. It was in the town of Hedley nestled in the mountains on the way to Vancouver from the Oakanagan. Sometimes it was a more than a bit humbling, but I found it so interesting because of the characters I met there and because of the town itself that has a Twin Peaks kind of vibe with loads of quirky characters and a few sinister ones. I could have looked at my situation and thought, “Wow my life has really taken a fall close to the bottom and I don’t really see a plausible way out and I’m no ‘spring chicken’ as my sister likes to remind me”. But I found staying interested in the people around me and being grateful for the job helped me stay happy and energized.Staying kind and wanting the best for others as well as myself has helped me rebound from the hairiest of situations and so has understanding the Tarot and doing readings for myself as well as for others.

But this is only scratching the service of what got me through a series of unfortunate events that have run roughly over my life and experience along with the many lucky and amazing adventures. “I must of had a herd of Angels watching over me” someone once said and it feels like I did. Rachel Pollack wrote a special book on the Tarot called “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom” that has had a profound influence on my understanding of the Tarot as well as Mary K. Greer’s “Tarot for Yourself” and her many books on the subject. Both of those ladies helped me through some very dark times (as well as a host of other writers on the Tarot) to better understand the cards and thus better understand myself and my behavior so that I could change what was not working, forgive myself and others that hurt me and begin again with a renewed zest for life.

Making the best of your abilities is a simple way of defining Self Actualization. Carl Jung looked at it as a journey and so does the Tarot. Some people call it the Fool’s Journey and that doesn’t mean foolish but innocent, like the Fool in the Major Arcana beginning his journey with a knapsack and a little dog at his heels. If we are internally growing, if we are learning from our mistakes and learning lessons then we are on a path to actualization whether we ever look at a Tarot card or read a book from Carl Jung. We’re in this journey of Actualization together, sharing this human experience. The 21 Major Arcana Cards represent steps on the journey of our soul in this material world. They each represent themes or lessons that we all experience along the way if we pay attention.

If we keep making the same mistake over and over again than we are stuck in a rut then we’re not paying attention and we are not growing. We are stagnating, or deteriorating and that’s no fun no matter what drug we’re on or how much delicious food we eat or what new car we buy. We still get back to that empty feeling. Is that all there is? No, that isn’t all there is. The Universe is alive with consciousness and it is interacting with us and our thoughts. The more we discover, the more we realize that there so much that is still a grand mystery and we like it that way. We also realize that our abilities go deeper than we ever imagined.  We have more courage and resilience than we gave ourselves credit for and there is so much to look forward to even when things look bleak. There is always hope and hope will get us through if we let it. We pick up our knapsacks and we keep discovering new vistas together. The cards can be your best friend when the chips are down and will help you interpret the signposts along the way.

THE READING: (The cards are from The Golden Tarot by Kat Black.)MAGGIE'S READING 3/3/15 Apologies for the glare, this is not the best photo but it will have to do. These lovely cards I discovered at the Hedley’s Farmer’s Market and they are mosaics of Medieval Art Work that correspond to symbolic imagery of the Rider Waite tarot. This type of spread is called the Celtic Cross and it is the only one that I do on a regular basis. I find it a clear pathway to the big picture and to what we want and what we expect and the obstacles that we are facing and it has the base of the matter at the bottom of the reading, giving up the heart of the issue. If you take a look at the bottom of the picture, you’ll find two cards. One is the Major Arcana card of Strength. It is reversed. Next to it is the Ace of Wands reversed. The 1st card Strength reversed is in the position of The Base of the matter. It is the 4th card to be revealed. The first card is the 5 of Wands reversed. It stands above the card of Strength reversed. But lets talk about this card first, this base of the matter, the heart of the issue. When you draw the Strength card you have the courage of your convictions but when it’s reversed, Yikes! Courage has run out of your back door and is now hiding. Where did it go? You  have lost your nerve and no longer believe that anything is possible. Fear and perceived weakness have teamed up and are battering down your faith from the inside out rendering you worn out and ready to give up right before you can turn the corner to your goal. Fear has frozen the ability to act. The good news is that you STILL have the courage, you just have to quiet down the fear of the future horrors. Summon up your power and TURN THIS CARD AROUND so you can go back to taming lions and working miracles. You need to face and shed that fear that is locking you in victim-hood.

Or as Lady Macbeth would say, “Screw your courage to the sticking post!” Stay tuned for more on this reading or if you are a reader and have any insight for me based on these cards, feel free to give your input. Blessed Be! Enjoy the full moon energy coming tomorrow to a sky near you!

Questing Magic for Challenging Times-#1 Contact the Elements

A View from the topAs I look ahead to this upcoming year, the promise that lies in these bare branches speak to me in nudges and whispers. Here we are in the waning days of February 2015 and if you read the news, it feels like the world’s gone mad and getting worse. This is an excellent time for a reading and within this reading you’ll find much hope and advice for how to stay strong and focused through the howling winds and storms of time.  A tarot reading is questing magic. The reading is a peak into the future using a snapshot of this present moment of consciousness, using the pictorial symbols in the cards as a guidepost for interpreting this moment of time in your awareness. In the reading the recent past will come out as well, giving you insight on how you got there. In this post, I’m going to give you a guide to a ritual that allows this questing magic to work powerfully and give you answers and insight to the problems you or your friend or client may be facing.


According to the Oxford American Dictionary: consciousness: noun .the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings (she failed to regain consciousness) .the awareness or perception of something by a person(her acute consciousness of Mike’s presence) .the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world (consciousness emerges from the operation of the brain) I found this definition very enlightening but I disagreed with the last sentence.

I bet a lot of you, maybe even most of you would disagree and say, “Hey consciousness doesn’t just emerge from my brain There’s something else that is more connected to other humans and runs through our Universe that I feel a connection with that is bigger than me alone.” Some people may call it God or Goddess and some see it as a soul force or all of the above. It seems to emerge from my heart and my soul and wrap around the world like a sound wave or a breeze that penetrates my being and carries on throughout the Universe. Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious and it was seen to transcend all cultural boundaries. This collective unconscious is expressed most readily in dreams. The language of our dreams are expressed in symbols and archetypes that are found in all cultures. These symbols and archetypes are found in picture form in the Tarot, so when you do a reading you get the benefit analyzing how your consciousness is interacting with our collective unconscious which is picking up on the bigger picture. You might even call a tarot reading conscious dreaming.

MEDITATION IN MOTION There is a ritual that I do to get into the trance like state so that I am most receptive to this collective energy when I prepare to do a reading. It connects me with the elements of fire , water, air and earth and gets me centered and grounded in the present moment.. When I began doing this ritual before each reading, my readings became consistently accurate filled with vivid detail. It was a turning point from which my confidence in my interpretations grew in a quantum leap. So without further ado, here it is:

You can do this technique for a reading for yourself or for a client or friend. Let’s use the example of doing it for a client or friend. Find out where your compass points are in the room. It doesn’t have to be exact but you, (the reader) want to sit facing North with your back to the south. Let your client know that you will be doing a meditation while they shuffle the cards. Then advise your client of the following 3 step system:

Step #1:First, you “clear the deck”. You do this by sorting the cards out so they are all standing upright with the picture right side up. Then put the full deck on the middle of the table face down.  From there, have your client spread the cards around the table face down “all willy nilly”. Tell them to try to get the cards all in contact with the table and spread them around so many of them get turned upside down in the process. Tell your client to think about the many concerns he or she may have while their mushing the cards about in this fashion, the reason they came for the reading.

Step 2:  Advise them to narrow those questions to one question in their mind and commit to this question. At that time your client is ready to bring the cards back to one big pile in the middle of the table face down. While thy are doing this, they should focus on that question and think about the people involved, the nature of the question, etc.. When they have brought the cards back to one pile, they are ready to shuffle, any style that suits them. While their shuffling they should be maintaining their focus on the question.

Step 3:  When they are ready, (it shouldn’t take too long), tell them to divide the deck into 3 piles, from left to right, (no peeking of course!) Tell them that they don’t have to be even piles, just however they fall. That’s the end of their input, now it’s your turn to take over. Take your right hand or your left if you are a lefty and place it above the first pile about an inch from the top. Pay attention to the heat you feel from the pile. There may be none. Go on to the next pile and do the same to the last pile. Use your intuition and pick the pile with the most heat. Sometimes you’ll feel no heat at all on any of the piles. In my experience that usually means that they were just going through the motions and really not focusing at all. In that case, I have them repeat the last step , redo the shuffle and put them in three piles again. Encourage them to think only of their one question and not let their mind wander while they’re doing this last step. This will lead to a much more accurate reading. Remember they should not tell you their question-just keep it firmly in their mind.

Now while your friend or client or all of the above is doing the above 3 steps, you the reader are doing the following visualization. You tell your client of the above 3 steps in advance, so you can be freed up to concentrate on your connection to the elements while they are shuffling. Try doing this exercise alone so you get a good feel for it before you do it in front of a client. Obviously when you do this visualization in a reading you have to speak silently to yourself but when you try it at home say the words aloud to feel the power fully.

This is also a good exercise to do when you feel overwhelmed, frightened, powerless, or depressed. If you have a moment right now stand up with your back facing south and visualize a beam of light coming from your heart shooting out like a laser directly southward. Pick a destination like Mexico and aim that laser beam southward on to the heat of the blazing sun and the fire that engulfs it. Feel the heat of this fire, of this inferno as you say, “I thank the divine power of the fire of the South for truth, clarity and wisdom.” Then you are ready to visualize your laser beam coming back to your heart bringing it’s heat to your heart. From there you aim your laser beam to the North. Visualize the snow-capped mountains of the North, visualize the great plains, the Earth that sustains us, that we all return to, As you feel that laser beam zoom in that northerly direction say, “I thank the divine power of the earth of the North for truth, clarity and wisdom” then bring your laser beam back to your heart, bring all of earth’s nourishing richness to your heart.

Then, lift your right arm shooting straight from your shoulder, hand outstretched. From your fingertips, feel that laser beam shoot out eastward, imagine New York or Europe, or the Middle East. Imagine the winds of the desert stirring up the sand, the wind howling through the trees. As you imagine the easterly voyage of your laser beam, say, I thank the divine power of the air and wind of the East. Then as you bring this laser beam back to your heart, lower your arm slowly and drink in all of that lovely oxygen with a slow deep breath, in and out. Next, lift your left arm straight out from your shoulder, fingertips extended. Feel your laser beam shoot out from your left hand into the West. Imagine looking out from the Pacific ocean. Hear the Ocean lap the shores and crash into the cliffs, the seagulls crying out and taste the salt in the air. Shoot your laser beam out past Hawaii towards the shores of Japan. Say,” I thank the divine power of the water and the waves of the West for truth clarity and wisdom”. Then bring your laser beam back to your heart and imagine the water washing over you, cleansing your soul. Raise your other arm outstretched and feel all of these polarizing elements pulsating through you connecting you to this very spot that you stand. Say I thank the divine power for the truth clarity and wisdom that this reading will provide for (then fill in the name ) You then thank again with Amen or “So mote it be”  or whatever feels right.

Try doing this exercise before you do a reading for yourself. and you’ll be amazed with the clarity of the insights of your reading. So many times, it’s difficult when you’re doing a reading for yourself to distinguish what you want it to say (or what you think it will say) and  what the cards are actually telling you if you are truly receptive. The exercise will ground you but also put you in a higher state of consciousness, feeling awake, centered and calm. When you first attempt it, take your time. Let yourself follow the laser beam and feel the intensity of each elemental energy before moving on to the next direction.  Soon you will be able to direct the laser and feel the directional pull pulsating from your heart easily and quickly so you will be able to do the exercise within the time that your friend/client needs to shuffle. By the way when I’m doing a reading for someone, I do not raise my arm or stretch out my finger tips, I just visualize myself doing this while I’m sitting. You can also do this exercise from your third eye chakra, whichever is most comfortable for you. This exercise may seem like a long hall and you might feel impatient to get down to your reading but what good is doing your reading if you;re not fully awake and aware enough to receive the wisdom being given to you? If it seems silly and pointless to you try suspending your disbelief and act as if you know it for a fact to be a working system. Guess what? It will be.

God and Goddess bless you all and help us all get through these challenging times.

Next up we’ll analysis my reading and see how it pertains to so many of us. Sorry it took so long to post, busy pruning and clean up on the orchard.